SEYSSO Carbon is a unique series of products that take advantage from the outstanding properties of active carbon. A minimalist design, high quality of materials, and elegant colors of the products introduce a bit of luxury into the daily mouth hygiene. Active carbon, the particles of which are present in the manual Antibacterial toothbrushes, neutralizes pH in the mouth and absorbs volatile scent particles causing unpleasant odor. Among the products, there is an outstandingly efficient and gentle Sonic Toothbrush SEYSSO Professional. Modern technology of the toothbrush makes it not only efficient, but also light and dependable. The sonic toothbrush comes with two types of heads – standard medium-bristled and antibacterial soft-bristled with active carbon. In order to maximize the potential of sonic toothbrushes, we developed toothpaste SEYSSO Protection and Safe Whitening.  A unique formula of the toothbrush relies on the Smart HAp Particles, xylitol, potassium nitrate, and zinc citrate that take care of teeth and gums making them healthier every day. 

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