SEYSSO Oxygen Clean Brush Heads

Brand:: SEYSSO

SEYSSO Oxygen Clean Replaceable Heads are a perfect choice for everyone who wants to restore the natural color of teeth. Specially designed system of bristles perfectly cleans, removes the surface discoloration and plaque, and prevents the formation of tartar and food decay.

The narrow head allows to reach the teeth are located in the rear part of the mouth. Blue bristles form characteristic prongs that allow to clean the naturally uneven teeth with highest precision. Two thick white bunches of bristles situated in the middle part of the head polish the surface of teeth to make them whiter and healthier. Dark blue bristles discolor when used and they signal when the head needs to be replaced.

Each head comes with a plastic cover cap that prevents the bristles from getting dirty. Users can easily identify their head and mark it with a symbol of their choice that is located above the aluminum ring just at the bottom of the head - circle, triangle, heart, leaf. For hygienic reasons and to maximize the effects of tooth brushing it is recommended to replace heads every 3 months. 

Shipping time: 2-3 dni. Darmowa dostawa od 400zł


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