SEYSSO Gold Black Sonic Toothbrush is a combination of the best features of sonic toothbrushes. Developed by European Dentists, made out of excellent materials, finished with an elegant touch, filled with rich settings and unbeatable parameters - this combination makes our toothbrush invincible! That is why it was appreciated at the Central European Dental Exhibition (CEDE 2018) in Poznan, Poland. The toothbrush won the highest prize in the category of oral hygiene prophylaxis - CEDE 2018 Star!

Sonic toothbrush SEYSSO Oxygen O-Sonic is the product from the pure and classy Oxygen line. Thanks to its advanced sonic technology, the toothbrush not only cleans well but it restores the natural whiteness of teeth. It has three modes - Clean, Whitening, Soft and each of them differs in the number of movements per minute to let you have the best choice of your preference. SEYSSO Oxygen Sonic Toothbrush was awarded at the Central European Dental Exhibition (CEDE 2017) in Poznań, Poland where the toothbrush won the highest prize in the category of oral hygiene prophylaxis!


SEYSSO Carbon Professional Sonic Toothbrush combines high quality with amazing efficiency of action, providing you with an extraordinary dental care. This was appreciated at the international dental exhibition in Krakow, Poland where our toothbrush won KRAKDENT® 2017 Supreme Quality Medal. Try it yourself and feel the difference! Your teeth will become whiter and healthier day by day!


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