SEYSSO Carbon Antibacterial Brush Heads

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The newest series of SEYSSO Carbon Antibacterial Replaceable Head is designed to accompany the sonic toothbrushes: SEYSSO Professional and SEYSSO Basic Carbon and it revolutionizes the mouth hygiene. The bristles immersed in active carbon are the secret of its effectiveness. Thanks to its outstanding absorbent properties, active carbon helps fight unpleasant odors. Additionally, it is antibacterial and it neutralized pH levels in the mouth preventing the demineralization of enamel and development of tooth decay.  Active carbon is a natural non-toxic substance; therefore, it is safe and can come in contact with the oral cavity mucous membrane.

The effectiveness of SEYSSO Antibacterial heads is greater thanks to the design of the bristles. Their ends are thinner than their roots having a diameter of only 0.01 mm. Therefore, they clean also the cavities that are difficult to reach removing the remains of food and plaque. Soft bristles do not harm gums and they minimize the risk of inflammation. Therefore, the heads with active carbon are a perfect choice for people with sensitive gums.   

The heads come with three rings: orange, green, and translucent. The colors allow users to mark their own heads. For hygienic reasons and to maximize the effects of tooth brushing, it is recommended to replace heads every 3 months. 

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