SEYSSO Baby Tot Replaceable Heads 18-36 months old


It is important to regularly replace the heads of the sonic toothbrush. Used bristles diminish the effectiveness of the toothbrush and they may cause gum irritation. Additionally, bacteria develop in the unchanged head and they might be harmful to child’s health. That is why dentist recommend that the head be changed at least every 3 months or even more frequently, if the user has suffered from any oral cavity infections, such as respiratory diseases. These recommendations are crucial especially when they concern children’s health.

That is why the specialists at SEYSSO designed a sonic toothbrush with replaceable heads. These heads will meet the demands of the smallest children. The toothbrush can be used to clean the first tooth! Thanks to the small size of the head and gentle bristles, the toothbrush precisely cleans child’s teeth without causing discomfort or irritation. 

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