SEYSSO Oxygen O-Sonic Toothbrush

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SEYSSO Oxygen Sonic Toothbrush is distinguished for its speed – over 96000 movements per minute in the Whitening program! Therefore, the toothbrush is more efficient in removing plaque and stains caused by coffee, tea, and smoking.


Three modes of operation allow you to customize the toothbrush to meet your personal needs. There are three speed levels in which bristles work – 82000 movements, 62000 movements, and 96000 movements.

Clean (82000) is the daily mouth hygiene program. The toothbrush makes 82000 movements guaranteeing that teeth and gums are precisely brushed. 

Soft (62 000) is a program dedicated to persons who suffer from sore gums, oversensitivity or have special recommendations from the dentist. If used with the SEYSSO Oxygen Sensitive Replacement Heads, it is suitable for children aged 4 and up.

Whitening (96 000) is a program that makes teeth white again. The bristles make 96000 movements and they effectively fight tartar and prevent plaque.



Exceptionally quick swiping movements of the sonic toothbrush cause the cavitation effect. As a result, thousands of microbubbles are formed. They distribute toothpaste and oxygen reaching the cavities between teeth that are difficult to clean.


The toothbrush is equipped with an automatic timer that helps to obey the tooth brushing time suggested by the dentists.



SEYSSO Oxygen Sonic Toothbrush is made of the highest quality materials. A subtle, modern design is accented by the aluminum elements and a discreet elegant LED panel.



Soft and compact travel case is a great solution for the people who travel and need their toothbrush to be impeccably clean.



The toothbrush is waterproof – classified as IPX-7. It can be kept 1 meter below the water level for 30 minutes.



The set includes two types of heads:

SEYSSO Oxygen Clean Replaceable Head – a special design of bristles guarantees that teeth are effectively brushed and the surface discoloration is removed. At the same time, it prevents plaque, tartar and tooth decay. Additionally, bristles are marked with a blue color signalling that it is time to replace the head.

SEYSSO Oxygen Sensitive Replaceable Head was designed to guarantee comfortable brushing for persons suffering from sore gums or oversensitivity. Soft, even bristles are precisely cut to gently brush teeth and massage gums. The head can be used by the children who are four and over.

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