SEYSSO Oxygen Ortho Brush Heads


Brush heads meant for braces wearers. Bristles have unique v-trim cut. Outside filaments are longer while those in the middle are shorter creating space for brackets. Such V shaped bristles are more efficient in cleaning braces from food debris. Rounded tip filaments are gentle for gums and placed in 20 dense tufts so they easily remove the plaque and discolouration. What's more special rubber coating absorbs vibration that may be unpleasant for the user. Brush head is also equipped with rubber tongue scraper.

The head of each brush head has a plastic cover that protects the fibres from dirt. Every brush head has an icon printed on - different for each user. 

To provide best cleaning results replace the brush head every 3 months. 

The package contains 2 pieces of brush heads. 

The brush heads are compatible with SEYSSO sonic toothbrushes.

Sugerowana cena: 15.00£
Shipping time: 2-3 dni. Darmowa dostawa od 400zł

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