SEYSSO Oxygen Sensitive Brush Heads

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SEYSSO Oxygen Sensitive Brush Heads were designed for those who need delicate and soft toothbrushes due to dentist’s recommendations or personal preferences. 

The bristles of the brush heads are not only soft but also thick and evenly cut and those unique qualities help to clean tooth precisely, massage gums, improve the blood flow, and accelerate recovery. Small diameter of the bristles makes them more elastic. Thanks to that they reach areas that are difficult to clean – cavities between the teeth and periodontal pockets. They prevent from forming plaque and tartar. They are recommended for patients suffering from periodontitis. Additionally, soft bristles and small, narrow head make  SEYSSO Sensitive Brush Head a perfect choice for children aged 4 and up.


Each head comes with a plastic cover cap that prevents the bristles from getting dirty. Users can easily identify their head and mark it with a symbol of their choice that is located above the aluminium ring, just at the bottom of the head - circle, triangle, heart, and leaf.

For hygienic reasons and to maximize the effects of tooth brushing it is recommended to replace heads every 3 months. 

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