SEYSSO Carbon Professional Brush Heads

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SEYSSO Carbon Professional Replaceable Heads are dedicated to the sonic toothbrushes SEYSSO Professional and SEYSSO Basic Carbon Series. They allow to thoroughly clean teeth bringing back their natural white color. Delicate and exceptionally durable high quality bristles effectively remove plaque caused by tea, coffee, and red wine and prevent forming tartar.

The top of the replaceable bristles forms a characteristic shape of gentle waves. They perfectly adapt to the shape of user’s teeth surrounding them from all the sides reaching even those places that are difficult to access. When brushing teeth with a sonic toothbrush, one has to keep an angle between the bristles and the teeth at 45 degrees. The shape of the bristles makes the toothbrush adhere to teeth perfectly. Moreover, each fiber was precisely shaped and rounded to make the toothbrush’s head gentle to gums.

The heads come with three rings: orange, blue and translucent. The colors allow users to mark their own heads. For hygienic reasons and to maximize the effects of tooth brushing it is recommended to replace heads every 3 months.

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